Obligatory Military Company

Obligatory Navy Support FOR Government Positions

This is just one of the most atrocious and stupid proposals I have come across. This is based on the presumption that any one and anyone is acceptable to provide as a soldier. The very first and foremost is the actual physical conditioning and stamina. It is silly to feel that every person can match up to the criteria. In situation these becoming a member of Federal government services are given relaxations in many specifications even though serving in navy then the record of such relaxations is heading to be quite extensive and the main purpose of this whole workout is defeated. For officers’ cadre it is even tougher as in armed service there are leaders and not directors, and these leaders direct by personalized illustration. How quite a few possible Government officers will in good shape the bill?

In situation these persons are heading to be there in navy just to be qualified for Federal government task their precedence will in no way be armed forces and they would not contribute something in direction of it. They will be just a burden on defence forces and a big liability. In any scenario they are not able to be applied in lively operations or anything at all armed service. They will only spoil the armed forces culture and provide down the expectations as well as produce confusion and chaos in rank and file.

Nevertheless if the country is major about excellent governance and efficient administration the politicians aspiring to grow to be MPs, MLAs MLCs, Corporaters and so on must be made to provide in military for at minimum three several years.
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Naturally, as described over, all of them will not be ready to fulfill the benchmarks and hence can be screened out at this early phase alone. The state will be hugely benefited by getting appropriate type of leaders to lead the country and finding riddance of nincompoops.

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